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  Among so many festivals, National Day is a vital special one. It is a festival to memorize the state itself, in other words, it is the birthday of China, so it is also the birthday of every Chinese. In October 1, 1949, our nation announced to be independent officially. Thus, since then we start to make October 1 be our National Day.

  As we mentioned, National Day is a festival for the whole people. Everyone will have a-seven days off from work or study, except for some special industry, because we can’t make everything stopped. This special holiday makes everyone remember this special day. Meanwhile, the purpose of this festival to show the power, confidence, cohesion, and patriotism of the whole Chinese citizen achieve.

  How to celebrate this festival is an important part. For the nation herself, she is not only gives us a-seven days off, but also does many things for us. Such as, hold the huge ceremony-military review; encourage people from all areas to hold ceremonies; issue highway free policy; open so[复习必备 | 海量免费学习视频资源尽在“学而思轻课APP”>>>点击了解]me scenic spots to the public and so on.

  Anyway, enjoy this festival beyond to everyone! Happy National Day!





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